2024 Cherry Hill Villas Super Bowl Party

Eleven football lovers from Cherry Hill attended the Super Bowl Party on February 10. In addition to a tasty array of treats and various beverages, a very fine Super Bowl was enjoyed. Food selections included a charcuterie tray, artichoke dip, pizza, brownies, Italian subs and a chocolate pie just to name a few items.

Of course, the event included a football skills questionnaire including questions like: “The coin flip will be tails”, “The first score in the second quarter will be a field goal”, “There will not be a score in the Third Quarter” and “The quarterback will be sacked during the first possession”. Dick Lerach proved to be the winner of the questionnaire test by answering 15 of the 20 questions correctly. As the winner, he will be awarded Cherry Hill logo merchandise whenever (if ever) it may be ordered.

All attendees remarked that they look forward to next year’s event. All will be invited to join us.